Another LIVE DEMONSTRATION at our January 2019 Permaculture Meeting


At this months Permaculture meeting, Zaia Kendall will do a live demonstration …… From yam to Flat Bread! 

Last month Neil and Maria demonstrated how to make Arrowroot into Chocolate Arrowroot Cake. The meeting was abuzz with excitement as we all looked forward to sampling the cake and trying the recipe out at home afterwards. 

Through Permaculture principles we learn to grow so many weird and wonderful things in our gardens, but are we actually harvesting them and using them as well? Yams are SUPER EASY to grow, and at our January meeting, Zaia will demonstrate how to make yam flat bread in a process from yam to yam flour to flat bread. And as a bonus there will be some flat bread for tasting after the presentation!

Yam ready to Harvest
Harvested Yam

DON’T MISS OUT on another fascinating demonstration that will make your garden more of a CULINARY DELIGHT! See you all at the meeting on Thursday evening 17th January 2019.

Dee Humphreys

Vice President

Permaculture Noosa