The workshop that started the Biodynamic googling for all of us! If you have not heard of biodynamics before, Kane from Red Soil Organics has what you need to get you thinking about your relationship with nature differently, learning how to work with nature, how to harness the available energy and why you should love fresh cow poo!

We learnt so much during this one-and-a-half-hour workshop (that I am sure could have lasted days!) that we all left inspired to learn more! Two newly constructed beds at the Cooroy Community Gardens were planted syntropic style with succession in mind using banana trunks in ways not many of us have thought of before! Mind blown, mind opened & mind ready to dive in! Kane is a professional, dedicated & caring observer of nature, ‘giving a voice to the plants, ecosystem, and rhythms unseen’.

We highly recommend taking any chance you have to go along to a workshop held by Kane (check out their website for more info RED SOIL ORGANICS BIODYNAMIC AGROFORESTRY – Home) and also keep an ear out for an upcoming follow up workshop at the community gardens!

So fortunate to be in a community filled with dedicated regeneratively minded people in all sectors of life.