Although we have not had official working bees at the garden since mid-December, I’m sure that a few people have been tending to the garden and harvesting tomatoes, greens, spinach, chilies and beans.  I snaffled a few small broccoli heads and can recommend the chilies.

Which all means that our water roster has worked well, aided by a couple of decent falls of rain.  Thanks everyone on the roster for your dedication.

For those of you who are new to Permaculture Noosa or simply have not been to the garden, it is situated in Emerald Street, passed the IGA, sharing grounds with the Badminton Courts. We garden  on Sunday and Wednesday mornings (from 7 – 9 am in summer) and will recommence officially on Sunday 19th January.  Everyone is welcome to come and join in. You will find there are a variety of things to do in the garden and the greenhouse, and morning tea is provided afterwards.

This year we plan to establish wicker beds and continue establishing a bush tucker garden along with continuing to work on the mandala garden and vegie beds and letting the food forest evolve.  We aim to improve our signage so that people can wander through the garden at any time and discover new foods and edible weeds.

WORKING BEE REQUEST: As mentioned, our first working bee is on Sunday 19th January.  Last year we received a small grant for a new shed and on Sunday we will be putting down the base.  This is quite a big project for the small number of regulars and if you have a couple of hours please come and give us a hand on either the base or in the garden.