The following information comes from Susan Anderson – Our Garden Guru

Jobs to do in March (these jobs are a list we follow at Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens)

  • Compost – keep compost piles damp and turn often
  • Fertilize – Tomatoes with magnesium (Epsom salts) 1 tablespoon Epsom salts to 9 litres of water
  • Fertilize – apply fertilizer tea to asparagus seedlings, melons sown in February and potato bed planted in April as well as cabbage, leek, silverbeet, and young passionfruit.
  • Fertilize – fertilize peppermint in 3rd quarter of the moon cycle
  • Pests – watch for fruit fly on tomatoes and capsicums and cover with exclusion bags
  • Plant – plant day length neutral garlic bulbs March to April for harvest in August/September, Southern Glen, Glenlarge, Italian Red and Italian Pink cultivars
  • Plant – trees and rhubarb
  • Plant – plant Rosellas now
  • Prune – any dead wood in shrubs, roses and trees
  • Soil – hoe and cultivate to break up soil crust
  • Soil – prepare beds for spring bulbs

You can join Susan and our other garden enthusiasts every Wednesday @ 3pm and Sundays from 7am – where you can ask questions and get “hands-on” learning in our Community Gardens!