What to do in your garden – August

What to do in the garden – August

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful Wisdom Keeper who has volunteered her time to nurture our community gardens, Sue Anderson! Sue has put together this comprehensive guide for our Community Gardens that can be used in your garden too. If you haven’t heard of Moon Planting then Click here to view or download her Moon Planting calendar! Sue has created this great information for us to follow every month. Thanks Sue!!

Sue’s Perpetual Gardening Calender

The jobs and moon plantings stay the same.  Update the Moon calendar dates to reflect the current year.

August Jobs to do:

o Compost – Keep compost piles damp and turned often

o Fertilize – feed tomatoes with magnesium (Epsom salts) 1 tablespoon of Epsom salts to 9 litres water

o Fertilize – apply fertilizer tea to mature pawpaw, cabbage, celery, leek, lettuce, silverbeet, young rhubarb

o Fertilize – apply seaweed tea to avocado and pistachio

o Fertilize – feed kiwifruit, pecan, olive,

o Harvest – crops for storage in 3rd quarter

o Maintenance – give tomatoes, peas and tall perennials support

o Pests – watch for Bronze orange citrus bug and spray with natural pyrethrum or knock them into a bucket of soapy water

o Pests – remove citrus gall wasps before the end of the month

o Pests – check garlic for rust just before harvest and if necessary spray with bi carb soda solution

o Pests – wash aphids off with the hose

o Pests – watch for fruit fly on tomatoes and capsicums and cover with exclusion bags

o Prune – prune fig tree by 2/3rds as fruit is produced on new season’s growth

o Prune – thin fruit trees, support limbs bearing heavy crops, lightly prune citrus

o Prune – strawberry runners

o Prune – prune dormant fruit trees, cane berries, vines, roses

o Seedlings – thin seedlings of carrot, beetroot, green onions, lettuce

o Soil – prepare beds for spring by applying organic matter to break down over winter

o Soil – Hoe and cultivate to lightly break up soil crust

You can download and print this guide by clicking HERE.

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