We are so blessed to have such a wonderful Wisdom Keeper volunteering her time to nurture our community gardens, Sue Anderson! Sue has put together this comprehensive guide for our Community Gardens that can be used in your garden too. If you haven’t heard of Moon Planting then Click here for her Moon Planting calendar! Sue has created this great information for us to follow every month. Thanks Sue!!

Sues’ Perpetual Gardening Calender

The jobs and moon plantings stay the same.  Update the Moon calendar dates to reflect the current year.

 Jobs to do in APRIL

  • Compost – keep compost piles damp and turn often.
  • Fertilize – apply fertilizer tea to young mango and pawpaw, cabbage, leek, lettuce and silverbeet. Apply at ½ strength fortnightly to spinach.
  • Fertilize – apply seaweed tea to mango, lemon grass and ½ strength to new strawberry plants.
  • Fertilize – globe artichoke and mature pawpaw.
  • Fertilize – feed tomatoes with magnesium (Epsom Salts) 1 tablespoon in 9 litres of water.
  • Harvest – crops for storage in 3rd quarter
  • Mulch – globe artichoke and herbaceous perennial beds with compost and manure after aerating.
  • Pests -watch for fruit fly on tomatoes and capsicums and cover with exclusion bags
  • Plant – plant asparagus crowns now
  • Plant – plant day-length neutral garlic bulbs March-April for harvest in September, Southern Glen, Glenlarge, Italian red & Italian Pink cultivars for sub tropics
  • Plant – plant out broccoli seedlings after March, the worst caterpillar month
  • Plant – plant trees in 3rd quarter
  • Plant – plant out strawberry runners
  • Plant – Plant rosellas now
  • Prune – prune any dead wood from shrubs and trees.
  • Prune – globe artichoke and herbaceous perennials as they die down and divide if necessary.
  • Soil – hoe and cultivate to break up soil crust.
  • Soil – prepare beds for asparagus and deciduous plantings
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