Luffa (or loofah) is a tropical/ subtropical vine and a member of the cucumber family. It can be used as an alternative dish cloth and it is a fantastic option to use in the kitchen or bathroom- especially if you are interested in plastic free options.

Luffa dried


  • When young
    • Edible vegetable (use like a zucchini; pickle like a gherkin)
  • When mature and dried
    • When the luffa fully ripens, is dried and peeled, and the seeds shaken out, the fibrous skeleton can be used to clean (scrub pots and pans; exfoliate your skin)


  • Summer annual
  • Sow the seeds in spring, after all chances of frost have past
  • Moist, fertile, free draining soil
  • Full sun and a sturdy support
  • Unlike many members of the cucumber family, luffa rarely get powdery mildew

 Luffa seeds are available to purchase from Permaculture Noosa ($3 per packet)