Ali Oruairc, a Life Member of Permaculture Noosa and Editor of “Permanews” for 8 years, has unearthed the original permanews, issued in February 1995. Ali had this to say:
some random thoughts:
Geoff designed the logo at the bottom of the page, it includes the Cooroy Butter Factory on one side and the ‘permaculture’ tree used by Tagari Press and rainbow serpent from Bill’s second book. As a student of Bill’s he had permission to use his artwork.
The newsletters were photocopied and distributed at the next meeting. Sometimes, someone ran back to the office to copy a few more. Things are quite different now.
The group has morphed over the years. Originally it was set up as a base for consultancy and teaching, to introduce permaculture to the general public. Geoff had the mind and ability to apply Bill’s theory to our humid subtropical climate, and it was from him and the core group that a lot of our practices began eg chop and drop, ground covers for living mulch, using arrowroot and lemon grass barriers and so on. In the past the RSL hall would be filled with people eager to listen to a high profile speaker. This was an exhausting standard to maintain by the committee. Rather than experts disseminating information, the group now seems more focused on building community and resilience through social and supportive interaction.
It will be interesting to see it how it continues.
To download a pdf copy of the February 1995 Permanews, click on this link: