Our dear fellow Permaculture Noosa member, Leonie Shanahan, wrote to us recently to express her thanks to all those who have helped her while she struggles with illness:


Hi Permie friends.   Apologies for taking so long to getting around to thanking this community club.   My garden has always been such an important part of my health and my life. Over the years permie friends have gardened with me but especially over the last year when my capacity to garden was limited – so many of you, some I had never met before, came to my home and gardened for me especially leading up to the sale of my home.   My permie property sold quickly enabling me to do the special lyme treatment in brissie I wanted but it was a disaster and made me much worse.   Fast forward 8 months and I’m starting to feel stronger and even doing a little more work and feeling enormously positive about my future.   I’m currently living in a small beachside apartment with only pots to grow in – a far cry from my 1.5 acreas of permaculture to play with.

Once again, a huge heartfelt thank you and much gratitude to all the members that have supported me over the last 3 years by phone, email and gardening – I couldn’t have got this far without you. A special thanks to Penny Foster and Val Wilson for all the extra hours over months you did.  

Photos of my old permie property, including the conversion of my pool to wetlands/frog haven, (I miss this property so much) and my current potted garden”