Summary: The main job is to come to the regular monthly meetings, and ensure a nice hygenic supper occurs at the end of our meeting, to manage other volunteers, and ensure the catering area is left clean and tidy after the supper.


  1. Ensure in advance that there are good supplies of organic coffee and a good selection of organic teas available. Including raw sugar, honey, full cream, and skim milk. (Nerada have a great range of organic teas. Organic instant coffee is available from…..). Buy both milks on the night of the meeting. Keep receipts for all purchases made for reimbursement.
  2. Two days before the meeting, text or call those who have volunteered to help out in the kitchen or to bring supper just to remind them.
  3. At the meeting, set up supper tables before meeting starts. Refrigerate milk, and any donations of supper that need to be kept cool. Do NOT put supper on the tables before the meeting as kids may rip into it. Fill the urn with water. Note whatever plates / trays are brought by people bringing offerings and return later. Explain to volunteers different jobs they can help out with now and later.
  4. An hour into the meeting, flick the urn on so it is boiling by the end of the meeting. Also put supper out on tables at this point. Have two areas set up for people to put milk, or sugar into their drinks. Have plenty teaspoons and an obvious place for used teaspoons. Have a sponge nearby for when people spill drinks.
  5. When supper is winding up, ensure everything is cleaned and tidy, and plates and trays returned to the owners. Leave no food or milk behind.
  6. Every few months during announcements, mention the supper roster being sent around. Invite people to either volunteer to bring supper, help in the kitchen, or both. Suggest it’s a good way to become involved for people new to the group. Also mention that people are welcome to bring a plate on the evening even if they didn’t specifically volunteer a date to do so. Supper roster should ask for a full name, and a mobile number.