Hi All

What a fabulous morning in the gardens,  and a great turnout -13 of us plus Wendy, Lorraine, Steve and Dan  who all popped in to see us and deal with certain things. It seems  some of our “newbies” maybe joining us more often !  Many hands certainly make light work.

  • Jo showed us, we have a banana weevil and has opened up the area around the base of the trees so predators get in there and do their thing.  We need to keep the bananas free of mulch for about 2 weeks.  we learnt lots there and look forward to chatting to Jo about it more.
  • turned the compost
  • thoroughly watered the garden – note Jo has been watering mid week for us as well
  • planted native shrubs around the entrance sign
  • planted and mulched a lemongrass bed behind the arrowroot
  • removed the remainder of the soil in the front area (which went into the new lemongrass bed) and applied some bladey grass mulch over the bare earth
  • trimmed the bananas in the food forest and cut up the prunings, which are now in the new compost heap – bay adjacent to the crusher dust
  • cut out dead plants in the garden bed adjacent to the silver planter boxes
  • when we left Vic was working on the workbench for the propagation shed
  • Repaired the chook dome so it can be used on Open Day

All followed but a very social and lively cuppa and biscuits !

Next weekend:

  • Compost, possibly start a second compost.
  • Tidying up dead branches within  the fruit forest. NB all the popcorn Cassia seed best if we could collect all those. would be great to get the forest looking more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Val will be planting seedlings
  • Watering,
  • Check on worms

This list may be added to….. On CCG

Regards Caroline and Latha

Cooroy Community Gardens

Emerald Street, Cooroy (next to Badmington Hall)