New Skills Register

Notice to members

We have a new Skills Register on our Permaculture Noosa website as a service to our members. Many of you will remember the skills codes beside members’ names on the old spreadsheet we sent out in previous years. We’ve revised it to make it interactive and more accessible to our members, and a great advertising tool within our organisation.

The purpose of the Skills Register is to make other members of Permaculture Noosa aware of our skills and qualifications which we wish to share, either by payment, barter for other goods or services, or for free. Whether you have previously completed the skills register or not, you will need to complete the new online form at in order to participate. (You need to login through the Members Portal first)

Your name and contact details will appear under each skills set for easy reference. Include only those items that you wish to share with others. When you complete the contact details section of the form, only include those details you want published on our website (secure members only section), and if you run a business and wish to supply a link to your own webpage or Facebook page, that is included also. Once you have entered your details, you can review or alter any of the categories in the future.

If you are not interested in sharing your skills and knowledge then there is no need for you to do anything. The previous skills register will NOT be uploaded to the website.

As a reference tool, the Skills Register will be available to members only, and is accessed through the Members Portal at Categories include Permaculture Education, Consulting Services, Trades, Maintenance and Advice.