Pavilion Fundraising

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In order to finish our goal of building a New Shelter at the Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens, we need to raise more funds.

We now have the concrete slab and paving completed however we need more funds to finish the project.

We are working on a very ambitious fundraising target. Follow our progress on this page, and find out about ways that you can get involved. We have come up with a number of ways to raise funds.

  • Applying for grants (Noosa Council and other organisations)
  • Increasing our stock of plants for sale
  • Launching a GoFundMe page campaign
  • Requesting donations of goods from our members to sell on our Market Place (details soon)
  • Seeking Corporate sponsorship and donations
  • Hosting Sausage Sizzles at Pomona Markets on the 3rd Saturday of every month
  • Major raffles, drawn 15 November, 2020 – this was a great success and raised $12,500 towards our goal
  • January 2021 was awarded a $35,000 grant from the Dept. of Justice Community Benefit Fund

We encourage the support of all members and supporters to help Permaculture Noosa reach our target.

Some of the ways you can contribute to our fundraising efforts are

 Donate money via our website here
 Propagate plants at home, nurture them and bring them to the community gardens on a Sunday morning for us to sell.

If you have any other fundraising ideas or if you know of a person or business we could approach for support to provide materials for the building or make a monetary donation, email me at the address below. Please support this project in any way you can, and we will all reap the benefits.

Thank you to our generous sponsors and supporters

“Hey Bill” Noosa’s Beach Vendor