Seed saving is an essential step in food sovereignty. In the face of a broken food system, we have the power to create change and it all starts with a seed.

Permaculture Noosa has a long history of seed saving in our community. Over the years we have developed a substantial seed bank from donations of seeds saved by our members in their home gardens. We are proud of our tradition of collecting, processing and selling seeds that are adapting to our climate and local conditions. We have also been fortunate to have the support of the wider Noosa community and have partnered with the Noosa Seed Library program. As part of this partnership, we have access to a fridge in Cooroy Library to store Permaculture Noosa’s seed bank, increasing the viability and life of our seeds.

And now, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Covid has handed us all lots of challenges in the past few years. One of the flow-on effects has been a decline in donations from our members to our seed bank. If you are an avid seed saver, or even a beginner, please consider donating any excess seeds you have to Permaculture Noosa. If you have no seeds to donate- no problem! We are also looking for help with processing and packaging donations and we can teach you all the skills you need.

With our club day structure changing this year, we have not held a Seed Savers face-to-face meet up for a very long time. We’d like that to change! If you would like to join our seed saver crew please email [email protected] 

Seed savers is for everyone! All ages and abilities! No experience necessary. If you would like to learn the skills for growing, harvesting, processing and storing seeds, we’d love to have your help! Let’s grow some food together!