Good Morning Seed Savers,

This is an update on what’s happening in Seed Savers. I’m Sue Anderson and I’ve taken over the position of coordinator for the group. Sripati has left for her new life in Brisbane and I wish her well.

The format for the Seed Savers group will remain the same for the time being until we can work out if this is the way the group works best for each of us.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and learning more about seed saving. I’m a novice apart from allowing my garden to self seed, so I have lots to learn.

The meeting for this month will be the usual 2nd Thursday, that’s Thursday this week, and will be held at the Noosa Namaste Café, 2 Memorial Avenue, Pomona from 9.30-11.30 am.

The seed bank is in need of new stock in some areas. I hope you can find the time to come along for a cuppa, a chat and packing some seed.

Looking forward to meeting you all

Sue Anderson

Mobile 0413 875 769

Email [email protected]