Provide and maintain a Seed Bank for P/C Noosa members, and the public, to have access to exchange or purchase of seeds at the monthly general meeting.

Organise a group to do the hands-on activities that enable the Seed Bank to be stocked.

Set up protocols and guidelines for the managing of the group and Seed Bank.

Establish a list of tasks for group members who wish to assist.

Order Seed Savers’ Handbook by the Fanton’s when needed.

Maintain income and expenses records and liaise with the Treasurer.



  • Accept donated seeds.

Ensure it is labelled by the person donating the seed.

Accept seeds from organically grown methods.

Check the stage of saved seeds. e.g.: does it need processing to extract seed from plant material?

Take to SS group for processing.

  • Record donated seeds on Seed Register on Dropbox.

Keep a record of what has been donated.

Decide on what info to include on the envelope; number of seeds per packet.

  • Prepare seeds for packaging.

Write out an envelope example and include it in the packet of bulk seeds.

Take box of “For packaging” seeds to SS group meeting.

  • Prepare assignments for the group to take home. e.g.: seeds to package, research seed info to enter on seed register; carry out viability tests when necessary.

Seed Bank

  • Store Seed Bank and excess seeds.
  • Take to P/C Noosa meeting.
  • Take to Seed Saver group meeting.
  • Have it available for events and expos (you don’t have to attend, volunteers at the stall can look after it)
  • Two mini displays are also available.

One on trial at Green Acre Organics in Doonan, Christine Johnston mobile: 0448 881 444. Amanda Moore is managing it, restocking from Seed Bank at P/C Noosa meeting and collecting takings. Takings to be included in monthly summary.

The second one is floating and can be used by anyone who wants to share it at an event. Offering it to a volunteer to take it to Bellbunya for their monthly Swap Meet on 4thThursday of each month.


  • There are two spreadsheets – A monthly income sheet and an annual income workbook.
  • Complete the monthly one and give a copy and cash to Treasurer at P/C Noosa meeting.

Monthly Seed Saver Group

  • Arrange date and venue.
  • Bring Seed Bank and seeds for packaging and processing.
  • Envelopes: to be printed (Robyn Harrison) and made up by the group at meetings or as assignment.
  • Notices for newsletter, info email and website (Lesley Mearns)



Monthly income sheet:

Print a blank copy and enter income during the month from various venues.

Keep cash in safe place.

Before the general meeting add up totals, check all cash and balance.

Enter on the electronic monthly income sheet and print a copy for Treasurer.

At the general meeting handover the cash with the Monthly income sheet.

Income workbook:

Using the printed Monthly income sheet enter the figures in the Income workbook.

Show the income for Seed Savers and other products separately as the Treasurer records them individually (ie. Seed Savers, Recipe Books, DVDs). At events recipe  books and DVD’s are usually sold.