“What an inspiring woman”, “Such an uplifting talk”, “Makes me want to change the way I’m doing things” were just some of the comments heard after Rhonda Hetzel blessed us with her presence on our recent Club Night. Rhonda spoke about Slow Living, about reconnecting with nature, family, and with self. Of living a simple life, authentically and what that looks like for you. She gave examples of how we can all make a change and a difference with small and slow solutions. Like radical knitted dishcloths! They are versatile, easily washable, reusable for YEARS and when they are finally on their last legs, they go into the compost! Magic!

So please do, dive into the world of not just radically knitted dishcloths, but of how to live more simply here

Our Club Night was Rhonda’s last ever community talk, and we are forever grateful to her for sharing it with us. What a Finale!!

If you’d like to follow Rhonda’s journey you can find her here on Instagram or her blog here and her books can be found online.

Thank you Rhonda, for sharing with us all. Your “Ripple Effect” will be felt for a long time xx