(Rosina Joy Buckman 2/2/1937 – 7/5/2018)

Rosina was an enthusiastic, vibrant, valued and much loved member of Permaculture Noosa from  2001 until 2011.   I am sad to say she recently passed away in Bowral NSW.  It  is hard to take in – she was always so full of life and always ready for the next adventure or project,  We shared some very special times.

A group of us from Permaculture Noosa used to look after the gardens at the Cooroy Butter Factory – long before the library was thought of.  One day when we were hard at work a vision in a wide brimmed mauve hat with sparkling eyes, a beautiful smile and a bucket of tools arrived in a rather battered yellow combi van.  This was Rosina.  Rosina and her huge zest for life.

Always a passionate gardener, after several years and many adventures travelling around Australia in the combi after graduating from University in her middle age, she lived on her daughter’s permaculture property in Jambaroo, in the NSW southern highlands where she met Bill Mollison and was introduced to Permaculture. Then she moved to another daughter’s property in Eumundi and Janet Millington had suggested she might enjoy working with us.  That was the start of a wonderful friendship and many, many shared projects. Rosina was a truly generous spirit with boundless enthusiasm and a very positive attitude towards everything.

We did our PDC with Janet in 2002.  There were several people on the course whom  Rosina had introduced  to Permaculture. That was the thing about Rosina.  She lived and breathed Permaculture and whereever she went she spread the word.

She loved PET days and was truly in her element there, sharing her knowledge and excitement with young and old.  She was thrilled and honoured when she was appointed as the PET co-ordinator.

Eventually she moved into her own home on a small suburban block in Tewantin.  That was tremendously exciting for her.  Building the soil using worm farms, compost and chooks had always been her passion and now she was able to do it at her own place.  That little block was transformed into a permaculture paradise in a very short time to the amazement of the neighbours.  When she produced her first bunch of bananas and then a pineapple she was over the moon.  That garden won her  Council’s Living Smart Award for Edible Lantdscapes in 2009..

She must have really impressed the officials during her acceptance speech, because that award led to newspaper articles and Council employing her to deliver talks on gardening and keeping backyard chooks in Libraries up and down the Sunshine Coast. People of all ages responded to her enthusiasm.  I remember one talk at Nambour in particular where there was an old chap sitting near the front who looked like a cynical old farmer.  When question time came, his arm shot up and I worried.  Yes?  Said Rosina. His reponse – When is the next talk?

It really was inspirational stuff and her talks were booked out within days of appearing on the web site. This led to her giving talks at Vege Village, Yandina Community Gardens, retirement Villages and Bunnings.  She helped set up Permaculture Gardens in Singapore and Bali.

Rosina  really did epitomise the Ethics of Permaculture: Care of Earth;  Care of People;  Share the Surplus.  She was immensely grateful to Permaculture Noosa for  its wonderful nurturing community of people.

She was indeed a Living Treasure.  Thank you my friend and go very well.

Written By Robyn Ford