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In what we hope will be the first of many, Permaculture Noosa is running a Pop-Up Workshop on Building a Living, Working Worm Farm on Friday 29 November, at 9.00 am at the home of Wendy Strathearn.

We all know how important earthworms are in the soil, but compost worms can provide extra help by providing castings and worm juice, taking care of food scraps, recycling waste materials, and adding to the health of garden soil, food forest or wherever you need to improve soil health. Our presenter, Bill White, will be demonstrating and creating a living, working, worm farm from start to finish on the day. You will leave with all the knowledge you need to successfully manage your own worm farm into the future, and you and your soil will enjoy the rewards which come from the art of vermiculture, worm farming. There will be lots of time for questions throughout the day.

Worm Farming can solve so many of our everyday recycling issues, and worms are free workers. They work 24/7 to help you recycle anything that was once living—cardboard, newspaper, shredded office paper, food scraps, vegetable scraps, leftovers and more. They don’t ask for anything other than your waste products, and in so doing, provide you with free liquid fertiliser, along with soil biology improver, which in turn gives you the soil to grow nutrient rich healthy food. It doesn’t get any easier than that—they solve your waste problems and also hand you gifts, as well!

Workshop Details

Name:            Building a Living, Working Worm Farm
Date:              Friday 29 November, 2019
Time:              9.00 am to 2.00 pm (shared lunch at midday) arrive at 8.30 am
Venue:           Wendy Strathearn’s home, East Deep Creek (minutes from Gympie)
Cost:               $10 per person
Bring:             Small plate of food to share for lunch, fold up chair, water bottle, notepad and pen

  • Tea and coffee will be provided.
  • Parking will be available on site between 8.00 am and 8.30 am after which parking will need to be on the street.
  • Wendy’s property is not child-friendly at the moment with lots of projects underway.

If you are inspired to start your own worm farm at home, you will be able to pre purchase a starter pack of compost worms from Bill, to collect on the day of the workshop. The pack includes bedding, breeding worms and eggs, and could potentially produce up to 5000 worms. All you need to set up your own worm farm at home is the container (old bathtub or similar). Cost is $45—just add to your order below.

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Bookings close on Tuesday 26 November.

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About our Presenter

Bill White is a retired farmer. Vermiculture (growing worms) has been a part of his life for the past 25 years. In the 1990s, he was breeding worms on a large scale, and happily admits when he first tried, he failed, but with determination and passion, he soon learned, and quite soon got it right. He dearly loves his worms and what they can do for Mother Earth.  Bill says he could talk for hours about worms and not repeat one word. He loves to share his passion & knowledge, so this coming workshop should be a talking point for a long time.


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