Hi everyone,

Last week’s club night with special guest Heidi Merika was a lesson on how to talk to nature.   A plant will tell how it can affect you by taste.  For example, bitter plants will help activate your digestive system and prepare for a meal. Coffee is bitter and is the perfect example of starting your system in the morning and getting in sequence for the day. Becoming aware of the tastes of foods leads to understanding nature’s cues on what your body needs. Please check out Heidi’s book; Wildcraft: The science & spirit of wild plants as food & medicine

This reminded me of a an Indigenous teacher who told me that nature will teach, and has the conscious desire, to teach you.  We just need to learn how to listen.

Permaculture Noosa joined in with many other agriculture groups to celebrate Regenerate Australia night with the screening of the movie 2030 at the Apollonian in Boreen Point.  Rain was forecast for the night, but with the welcome to Country performed by Kabi Kabi elder, Tais K’Reala Randanpi, the stars came out and the night was perfect.  Tais held the kids interest as he explained that when he sees the stars, he sees the spirits of the many people who have come before.

Legendary surfer and eco-warrior, David Rastovich, was the special guest.  He told us that we are experiencing climate change now.  During the northern NSW floods, he was providing food to the community from his Geoff Lawson designed garden.  He said that feeding people was the most fulfilling experience of his life. I believe this is where we are going with Permaculture Noosa.  I believe we need to prepare to feed our own communities and build our social networks.

I would like to give a huge thank you to all who contributed to the night.

Call out for future leaders:
Permaculture is changing the world. It is a revolution – but it needs you! Please get involved. The club is looking to bring new committee members, a treasurer, secretary, president into the fold. We want to build succession to keep the movement growing. We hope to be mentors. I know I will do my best to introduce those wanting to step up to Noosa’s movers, shakers, and change makers.

Finally,  Permaculture Noosa is a key part of the Agri-Hub project.  Please see the flyer below and fill out the survey.  We are hoping to work with council on a wide range of issues.  We need a voice and this survey will help us be heard and make change.

Thank you very much,

Tom Wegener