Friends, or maybe comrades in the revolution, we are on the front line.  As Morag Gamble said at our February Club Night, we are revolutionaries.  We are the face of the movement in confrontation with the still current “Big Farming” paradigm of the 1980s. To grow healthy food, use regenerative practices and cook as a community are acts of rebellion. Massive monocropping will be overthrown.  As Geoff Lawton says, it is immoral and should be illegal.  Our Pavilion is a beacon of hope for a place where the community will learn to grow seasonal and Noosa appropriate crops, and where we will learn to cook and bring them into Noosa’s regular diet.

Well, didn’t our last club night with Terri Waller bring this thought into focus?  Terri, with SevGen, purchased the Galeru Bush Tucker Farm in Cooroy last year and brought tasty foods from the farm to club night.  Galeru is the biggest Australian indigenous food farm in Australia. We were almost certainly the only people in the world enjoying these ingredients and unique flavours.  Terri’s goal is building community through growing indigenous foods, cooking them and sharing them. One taste of the rare Qld Davidson Plum brownie confirmed that we are on the right track. We enjoyed tropical Queensland foods, grown, and prepared by our community. This is counterculture. This is revolution!

I may be a little over the top in my revolutionary language and zeal, but we live in precarious times, and we should take heart in knowing we are a part of the solution.  Supermarket food prices will rise again with the increased fuel prices and already supply chains are regularly cut. There will be vulnerable people struggling to buy food in our community.  We are a path forward to better, healthier food security. This is a time of urgency to promote permaculture.

Last week, The WWF launched a massive campaign to “Innovate to Regenerate” Australia.  Please see  The WWF Australia is definitely on the same wavelength with Permaculture Noosa..  The Pavilion and the Agri-Hub projects are actually ahead of this announcement. I believe there is an opportunity for Permaculture Noosa to be a part of this grand project.  Anyone with thoughts or who would like to participate, please see me at club night or at the garden club days.

Thank you,