‘A Simple Life Exists’

The last month has been filled with so many exciting events (I am sure I said that last newsletter! But it is true!). We’ve had club days, our first club night in a loooong time and so much more! At the end of February, we were very honoured to be at the Seed Library Launch at Cooroy Library. It was a beautiful morning where we met with so many passionate and inspired people. The smiles were contagious! Jo & I spoke about Permaculture Noosa, the history and our goals as well as the importance of seed saving. Four years ago, I would have never imagined being this passionate about seeds, the saving, processing and growing. Four years ago, I would have never even known why it was so important! It only takes one moment where a seed is planted (pardon the pun) and from that a new passion is born. And I am so fortunate to be able to be on this journey with so many wonderful beings!

I have also been diving into a fabulous book recently called ‘Down to Earth’ by Rhonda Hetzel. She is a wonderful woman in her mid-70s who, many decades ago made the change to a more simple life. A life of difference to the traditional model, a life of nourishing changes, purpose, re-skilling & love. This book has helped me to see that the changes I made a year ago are legitimate, that a life of less does not mean a life of lack. It means freedom in so many ways. If you are feeling the itch, feeling like there must be a different way to be then I encourage you to look up Rhonda (her blog is featured in this newsletter), check out her books and who knows, we may even have her speaking at a club night soon should the stars align. To approach life with a childlike curiosity again, to question if there is a different way to be is refreshing, invigorating and so good for the soul.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon and sharing more wonderful events, chats & smiles with you.

With Love!