I hope this message finds you all healthy and safe.

As we all start to surface from our Covid isolation, it’s time to think to the future and how that will look for us. I like to think of us as emerging from our chrysalis as butterflies that will spread our wings and become something far more spectacular than the caterpillars that built cocoons around themselves a few months ago. I really hope for a better, more enlightened and sensitive world than the one we retreated from as a result of the pandemic. Perhaps I am being whimsical, as a result of being in isolation for too long, but I do have a sense of optimism, and believe it is shared by many.

One thing is clear—we cannot resume our old way of life, at least not for the time being. Many of us have experienced a shift in values and priorities during the past few months. We know that sustainability, organics and permaculture have become much more important to many people, as has family and a return to a simpler way of life, with less reliance on others for our daily needs. I hope that Permaculture Noosa can assist you with this way of life.

We still cannot predict when we will be able to run Club Nights again, but we hope that you’ll be able to join us for some of our other activities over the coming months. We are very pleased to commence our Harvest Swap in July, and as soon as we have built up our stocks, we will be selling seeds and plants at our community gardens.

We believe that the events and services that Permaculture Noosa provide are becoming more relevant, and we want to ensure that what we offer is a true reflection of our member’s needs.

Please reach out and give us feedback! Tell us your ideas by emailing [email protected] and your suggestions will be put to the Committee for consideration.

Remember, Permaculture Noosa is your organisation, and we always welcome your feedback. Please stay safe.

Latha Matters