December has arrived spectacularly amid intense afternoon storms and burning hot days. At a time when most people are generally oblivious to nature, preferring to get lost in the daily grind and maybe planning the Christmas break, Mother Nature has a way of reminding them of her authority.
Hot days and afternoon storms of themselves are not unusual for an Australian summer but when they’re as intense as we’re experiencing this early in the summer it gets one thinking. Add to that the fact that every year for the last number of years has been progressively hotter than the year before, each year becoming ‘the hottest year on record’ and subsequently successively breaking its own prior record; then its evident that something strange is occurring to our climate. Actually its probably a number of strange things fomenting a perfect storm of weird weather – not just in Australia but all over.
This is probably not a new or unique subject amongst gardeners, farmers and Permaculturists so what’s the point of bringing it up in this forum? Personally I’ve been wondering if its my business to be concerned about the climate situation. Isn’t this the domain of a Higher Authority? What if that same Higher Authority is expecting us (Hu)mans to be their agent of change and do something about the climate situation?
Disciples of Permaculture only have to look at the basic tenets of the discipline to recognise that it is indeed up to us Humans and in particular Permaculture humans to do something about it as is evidenced by the mantra: Earth care, fair share, people care.
Further to that we only have to seek guidance from our own beloved guru, the late Bill Mollison, who stated:-
“There is one, and only one solution, and we have almost no time to try it. We must turn all our resources to repairing the natural world, and train the young people to help. They want to; we need to give them this last chance to create forests, soils, secure communities, stable regions, and to know how to do it from hands on experience”.
From this point forward this is our imperative. Starting from this month’s meeting at the Cooroy State School hall on the 15th we’ll be gathering to hear how the local indigenous people kept the balance, caring for the Earth and sharing with their people from traditional custodian, Alex Bond. We will also hear from Maddy Hoppenbrouwers, a guest from Europe. who will share the Permaculture way where she lives.
So get your glad rags on, arrive early to indulge in a scrumptious dinner and bring a plate of treats to share and enjoy for a great Christmas supper together. See you there!
Tim Peek