We are now just days away from our 2019 Annual General Meeting. I find it very hard to believe that 12 months have passed so quickly, and we are about to elect a new committee. I am also very sad to admit that this is my last message as President, as I will be standing down on Thursday night for family reasons. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience—I have had the pleasure of working with a very enthusiastic, supportive and patient committee, and we all feel very proud of our achievements. I have also had the privilege of getting to know so many of our members and supporters.

Our current committee may be coming to an end, but that does not mean we’ve been winding down and deferring matters to the incoming committee. In fact we have 10 members of this year’s committee who have renominated, and that will ensure great continuity for our organisation. We have also planned events through to the end of the year, to allow time for our new committee to set a strong agenda for 2020.

We are very pleased to announce two new collaborations for Permaculture Noosa this month. Firstly we have formed a partnership with the Living Classroom Project. This exciting opportunity will allow us to fulfil one very important objective of our Strategic Plan—to improve awareness of the value of permaculture principles with children, by partnering with schools to begin programmes focussed on garden to table activities. By partnering with the Living Classroom Project team, we are supporting their work through our networks, and ensuring that a very high standard of Permaculture programs are being delivered to a greater reach of students than we could hope to achieve on our own as a volunteer organisation. We are proud to feature the Living Classroom Project team as our guest speakers at the October Club Night, where they will explain all.

Secondly, we have been very privileged to have Dale Chapman join us at the Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens. Dale wears many hats—as author and chef specialising in bush tucker food, co founder of Noosa Slow Foods, lecturer, mentor and  much more. She has joined our CCPG Leadership Group, and we have many exciting plans for next year. You can read more about her [here].

We have just released our new Skills Register on our Permaculture Noosa website as a service to our members. Many of you will remember the skills codes beside members’ names on the old spreadsheet we sent out in previous years. We’ve revised it to make it interactive and more accessible to our members, and a great advertising tool within our organisation. We hope you find it a valuable asset.

We have another great evening planned for this week’s Club Night. Although starting with the AGM, we aim to complete formal proceedings as soon as possible. Dee has another wonderful demonstration for us, Bunya Grove Produce will be delivering our October orders, and the Living Classroom team will inspire us!

In conclusion, thank you to the committee who have worked tirelessly this year, and supported me throughout. And thank you to all the members and supporters who have given me such positive feedback during the year. It has been a great privilege to serve Permaculture Noosa.

Remember, Permaculture Noosa is your organisation, and we always welcome your feedback. Send your suggestions to [email protected].

Best wishes,
Latha Matters