We are off to a huge start this year with the pouring of the slab for the Pavilion.  Time was of the essence and Paul, Maxbuild Constructions, got the job done in time to meet the acquittal deadline for our gambling grant. The slab itself is a masterpiece and holds the promise of realizing our dream of a community space to prepare, enjoy, and learn about the foods we grow in the gardens.

The great teacher, Morag Gamble, came to our February club night and gave a most interesting talk on the philosophy of permaculture.  She said, “It is a revolution disguised as gardening.” Our current western worldview of gaining value from extraction is challenged by the paradigm of permaculture.  It was a revelation for me to learn that growing healthy food, regenerating the soil, and cooking with a community are acts of rebellion. Is there something appealing about being a revolutionary?

Our next club night will host the amazing Terri Waller of SevGen (Seven Generations, a NFP social enterprise group for indigenous youth). Last year SevGen purchased the Galeru bush tucker farm in Cooroy, and it is now enjoying a bumper crop.  Terri will share indigenous foods with us ($5 to partake in the samples and the money goes to SevGen).  Terri will talk about the Galeru, the mission of SevGen and how this farm fits with the mission of supporting indigenous youth. Terri is a local hero. This is a rare opportunity to meet someone who has made a huge difference and to become acquainted with bush tucker.

You all may know that I have been promoting the idea of the Olympic Garden.  Last weekend, at the club day, we took a big step towards this end. Here is a video of the day.  Also, below is a further video I made about making biochar.

Enjoy the rain!

Tom Wegener