Welcome to the end of 2020! I am sure many people are going to be sitting down, writing similar words regarding this year. Challenging, unprecedented, opportunity for growth, a time to reflect… and these words will forever ring true about this period. It is somewhat difficult to believe the things that have happened this year and I am sure there are many hearts that are still aching, struggling to come to terms with the uncertainty that we have all faced and will more than likely continue to face. It has been a time where we have had to draw on the support around us, be that family, friends, or complete strangers. We have had to make friends with technology and twist, bend and adapt to find our way forward. There have been times of great sorrow but also times of great relief and joy as we have watched the universe teach us many lessons in acceptance, impermanence and letting go of control.

As we move into the new year, weaving our way into the unknown, I would like to take this opportunity to extend the hand of Permaculture Noosa to all those around us and invite you all to join us in what is going to be a beautiful year of connection, community, and simplicity. I invite you to join us at the Community Gardens in Cooroy, to join us for harvest swaps & seed saving, to join us for club nights and most importantly to join us for a cuppa from time to time. We are all aware that the earth needs us, nature needs us, but this thinking would lead us to believe that we are separate from nature, separate from the earth. We, as nature, as earth, need each other, need rest, need a big breath and I look forward to resting, growing, learning and just being with you all in the new year.

With love and gratitude,


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