Hello everyone and welcome to the August edition of PermaNews!

It’s been a wild month for lots of people, with lockdowns and masks and the uncertainty that comes with these times. We hope that everyone affected has been able to access the support they need. Remember, for Cooroy locals, that even during lockdown the community gardens are open for exercise!

We were disappointed that we had to cancel our August Club Night due to lockdown. Our wonderful guest speaker, Tom Kendall will be rescheduled to speak at another time – STAY TUNED! Tom now has food boxes available, all grown in the Kendall Permaculture Farm syntropic market garden! Tom also has a Permaculture Design Course coming up for anyone interested in learning more about how to use permaculture in your life. Check out the PermEco website and facebook page for more info.

We have some exciting guests scheduled for September including Emily Boyd from Food Waste Loop Community Composting at the Yandina Community Gardens and Luke Huntley the Noosa Snake Catcher!

We always welcome new volunteers and members to the club. Please let us know if you would like more information about becoming a committee member. Our AGM is coming up in October and we’d love to hear from any members who would like to become more involved.

Enjoy this edition of Permanews! Thanks to our editor Deb for putting it all together.

See you at a Permaculture Noosa event soon!