Hello Permaculture Family,

All is growing nicely at Permaculture Noosa. The Pavilion is coming along at a swift pace with enormous support from the entire team. A special thanks to Sandra, the project manager, for her ambitious work with organising turf around the slab, new retaining wall/seating, and the painting of the shipping container. The entire garden looks amazing with lots of new members pitching in. Club nights have been very successful and fun.  There is really a lot happening! I would like to especially give thanks to Deb Quinn our Treasurer. With the growth of events and garden activities comes increased work and responsibility for Deb. She is the organising factor that keeps our wide organisation running smoothly. Thank you Deb!

I think there is reason to reflect on an organisational level upon our growth and evolution. We have to realise that our club will continue to grow and that our management will be facing new challenges. I would like to invite anyone to become more involved with the club and help with our growing committee teams. I reflect on the growing responsibilities of the team and know that we must adapt to continue.

I believe Australia’s food supply will be impacted by world events. The Ukraine war and trade issues with China are two situations which are already hindering fertilisers to our big farmers. This is important to us in Permaculture Noosa because food prices will go up in general and more people will be turning to growing locally. They will be turning to clubs like ours. We are very well positioned to help with the pavilion, lots of gardening space and expertise. We will be serving an important public need. We will be busy!

Permaculture is enormously important now and the three principles of Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share are going to be necessary for us in the coming years.

One last note, Noosa Council will be putting its budget out for community consultation soon. It would be very helpful to respond and say that you support local gardening and agriculture. This will be very helpful for facilitating support for permaculture in the shire.

Thank you, Tom