Another month has passed by ever so quickly, which makes me question if time even exists! Well, whether or not it does exist, we have been able to enjoy some wonderful events together over the last few weeks. Biodynamics wandered into the community gardens, seed harvesting workshops took place at the library, Dan (the gardening man) walked us through family planning for our Autumn/Winter veggie beds & we all caught up in the garden for a working bee. What a month- beautiful connections, mind expanding conversations & a definite deepening of our roots within this wonderful community.

Now let’s talk volunteers…. Fundraising has been going well with the Pomona BBQ & the Subpod Raffle (get ya tickets before the 18th of April!) with all the money trickling into the gardens, the shelter, and Permaculture Noosa. The efforts of our amazing volunteers will never go unnoticed as it is their time, their enthusiasm & their commitment that allows this organisation to give to the community, to show up & to share our knowledge with you all. Coming from a generation where volunteering is not a common past time, I am absolutely in awe of how giving people are, especially those wonderful souls I get to spend time with each week. It is really beautiful to see unconditional giving & it has changed my views on what part I want to play in society. To give, without expectation is a true art. One that takes practice but once mastered, can set you free. Oh, the lessons I have learnt whilst in this position!

See you all in the coming month in the gardens, at a local café or at our next club night.

With love