Ecosia is a internet search engine where they use the profit they make from your searches to plant trees where they are needed most.

How it works

You search the web with Ecosia , searching ads generates an income for Ecosia, Ecosia uses the income to plant trees in areas most needed.

Where are the trees planted?

Currently Ecosia has planted 115,920,00 trees and rising by the minute. The areas receiving these trees are:

Columbia – Coffee for Peace

Madagascar – Restoring coastal forests and natural corridors

Spain – Supporting Europe’s biodiversity

Uganda – Creating corridors for Chimpanzees

Haiti – Food security through food planting

Indonesia – Trees for healthier forests and people

Indonesia – Providing alternatives to Palm Oil

Brazil – Restoring watersheds

Peru – Restoring mountain slopes

Nicaragua – Reforesting volcano slopes

Kenya – Empowering women for the planet

Burkina Faso – Re-greening the Sahel

Ghana – Restoring key watersheds

Ethiopia – Restoring Ethiopia’s water cycle

Senegal – Trees for climate-resilient farming

Indonesia – Protecting the home of the Orangutan

Morocco – Developement through reforestation

Peru – From cocaine to cocoa

Brazil – Restoring the Atlantic Rainforest

They know trust has to be earned

That is why they publish their monthly financial reports and tree planting receipts. This way you can hold them accountable as you follow their journey to a reforested world.

How do I start using Ecosia

At the top right of your search engine page you will find 3 dots. Click on this and click on settings. Once in settings scroll down to Search Engine. There you will see your current search engine name. Click on manage search engines and you will see a “disable” button. Click that. Once disabled you will see an “Add” button. Click this to enter and add this to the list. Once Ecosia is showing in your list – click the 3 dots to the right of the Ecosia listing and make it your default browers. Done!

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