Permaculture Noosa’s stall at Cooroy Fusion Festival was a great success, thanks to the the vision and energy of Event Coordinator Val Wilson and those others who helped on the day. Here are a couple of quotes:
“Hi Everyone from Val:
Love of all things gave me ideas for this stall. The energy from people’s produce that was grown and processed with love beams out into the public”.

Tim, thank you for being you and helping on Saturday , we received 3 pages of signatures to now follow up on. We must move now toward energy building to make new members feel special and for them to know it’s a group that are all connected and care.”
Hi To you ALL from Caroline:
Firstly Congratulations and a big thank you to Val. What a successful and fun day we had yesterday at Cooroy Fusion. as always I learnt heaps from all the Permie helpers and loved chatting to our numerous visitors. I feel there was far more genuine interest than I noticed last year and we always had a number of genuinely interested people in the tent. I am sure we will have a number of new people this coming meeting as a result of Fusion. It will be an interesting question to ask.

President Tim with partner Kate

The stall was beautifully arranged

Mark and Robyn

Caroline chats to a prospective permaculturalist

Sue, Neil and Jason

mud pies anyone?

Congratulations to Events Coordinator Val Wilson