I’m aware of the delay in getting these notes to you, especially as this short month bizarrely has its 3rd Thursday occurring seemingly only 2 weeks into the month. So please let me apologise sincerely to you.

I’m finding this role challenging and there is plenty of room for Improvement but I’m having a go with an absolutely fantastic group of supportive and experienced team of committee members. We’ll keep working until we’re firing on all eight cylinders – is that term politically correct?
At our most recent committee meeting Val told us about her theme for the coming year for community engagement projects. This led on to an interesting discussion which became the premise of this month’s meeting at the Cooroy State School hall on Thursday, 16 February.

Val is going to present ideas about the use or otherwise of a lawn. Then Daniel is going to help us use the 12 Principles of Permaculture to define the question, ‘What does a Permaculture lawn look like?’
It’s to be a great evening for philosophers and mystics!

After all that we hope to have some time to discuss some of the projects that we, the committee, have in consideration and what our big picture may encompass. We have around 120 members. Imagine what we could do if we all worked together. If there’s one night of the year that you come along to a club get together, make it this one. It’s going to be worth it!
What ideas do you have? Bring them too.
I’m looking forward to seeing you on Thursday night.

Best regards,