Here is a list of documents relating to the business of the Permaculture Noosa Committee

They are in pdf format. Some are locked. To unlock the files, please contact the Permanews Editor at: [email protected]

Procedures and Office Bearer Duties etc.

PN Own Rules (Constitution)

PA setup – permaculture

Presidents Meeting Guidelines

Time cards

Strategic plan minutes august 2016

CooroyPS_Hall Hire_Security

PN Committee_Nomination_Form

Contacts for Events

Permablitz Plan of Action


Entry Process-PCN Club Night

Membership Secretary Job Description

Seed Savers Co-ordinator Procedures

Seed Savers Coordinator Procedures 27 June 2018

Location of Posters & Flyers

Insurance Documents

2017 Trident Insurance FAQ 2017-01-20 FAQ 2017 PDF

2016 DUAL Voluntary Workers Insurance Policy Wording VWPDSV615

2017.2018 Public-Products-Advertising-Liability-Policy-Wording-v02.16

Permaculture Noosa Certificate of Insurance April 2017 to March 2018


GCA Insurance Summary of Cover 2018-19

Managing Risk and Duty of Care



Managing our duty of care and risk exposure

Cooroy Memorial Hall Association EMERGENCY EVACUATION & FIRE POLICY

Cooroy Community Garden – Noosa Shire Council Trustee Permits etc.


NSC Trustee Permit 15:6:16 to 15:6:17 (CCG Inc)

NSC Trustee Permit 10:5:17 to 10:5:18 (PN Inc)

NSC Trustee Permit 2018-19

Committee Meetings & Correspondence etc.

October 2018

2018-09-12 Minutes PDF

September 2018

August 2018 PCN Meeting Income Report

August 2018 PCN Treasurer’s Report

CCG Income & Expenses for August 2018

2018-08-07 Minutes PDF

August 2018


2017-18 PCN Financial Year Report

PN 2018-07-11 Minutes

July 2018

June 2018 PCN Treasurer’s Report

CCG IncomeExpenses Sheet to date 30618

PN_2018-07-11 AGENDA

June 2018

2018-05-09 Minutes

May 2018 PCN Meeting Income Report


May 2018

2018-04-11 Minutes PDF

Membership Report April 2018

April 2018 PCN Treasurer’s Report

April 2018

2018-03-07 Minutes PDF

March 2018 PCN Meeting Income Report

March 2018

February 2018 PCN Treasurer’s Report

February 2018 Meeting Income & Expenses Report

PN 2018-02-07 Minutes PDF

February 2018

2018-01-10 Minutes PDF

January 2018

2018-01-10 AGENDA Final

PN_2017-12-13 Minutes PDF

Goodchap Street Food Forest Aerial View


AGM 2017 

2017 AGM Minutes PDF

January 2018

December 2017 Meeting Income & Expenses Report

December 2017

November 2017 PCN Treasurer’s Report 2017

FW GROW talk

Greeters Sheet PCN Club meetings

November 2017 Meeting Income & Expenses Sheet

2017-11-08 Minutes PDF

November 2017

2017 Seed Bank End of Financial Year Report

2017 Seed Bank End of Year Income 2016-2017.xls

2017-11-08 AGENDA

October 2017

Permaculture Noosa Inc – Asset Register 2017

Permaculture Noosa Inc – Audited Financial Statements 2017

PN Minutes 11 Oct 2017

September 2017

PN minutes 13 september 2017

September 2017 Meeting Income & Expenses Sheet

PN Bendigo e-banking

Permaculture Noosa Letter to Nick Hodgson

August 2017

minutes 12-8-17

PN Finances_Year on Year comparison_Aug2017

July 2017


June 2017

Agenda Items June 2017 Meeting

Extra agenda items June 2017 PN Ctee Meeting

PN Committee minutes 15-6-17

May 2017

minutes 25-5-17

Cooroy Community Garden Trustee Permit

Reminder PN Committee Meeting Thursday 6pm 25th May 2017

Possible Agenda May 2017 PN Committee Meeting

May 2017 Meeting Income & Expenses sheet

April 2017

To Vote on audit

March 2017

Possible Agenda Ctee meeting March 2017.pages

March 2017 PCN Treasurer’s Report

February 2017

PN_meeting minutes_23Feb2017

February 2017 PCN Treasurer’s Report

February 2017 YTD Financial Statement

Membership Report February 2017

January 2017



PNCteeMinutes 25Jan17

January 2017 Treasurer’s Monthly Report