As usual, we will be having our Community Raffle this month, with all proceeds going to the ETHOS FOUNDATION. Ethos Foundation is an Australian charity with global collaboration and reach. They collaborate with organisations, initiatives, programs and partners around the world to implement their work.

$150 supports one person in east Africa to complete a globally recognised Permaculture Design Certificate course, certified by the Permaculture Education Institute run by Morag Gamble. This month we wish to donate all proceeds of our raffle to this worthy cause and we are asking you to help us!

Bring anything you wish to donate to the raffle, whether it be excess produce, homemade goodies or little crafty bits and bobs! We will also be welcoming you all to join us for a “bring a plate” or “gold coin” shared supper after the meeting and of course, for a chat!

Let’s see if we can reach our goal of supporting one or even two people to reach their Permaculture dream in east Africa!

To find out more or donate directly click here Ethos Foundation.

Raffle Tickets will be for sale at the door on the night

8 tickets for $20.00

4 tickets for $10.00

2 tickets for $ 5.00

1 ticket   for $ 3.00

Please help us donate to such a worth while project.

We look forward to seeing you there!