Permaculture Noosa members may have read something about Australia’s fuel stockpile being perilously low. So Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has ordered a liquid fuel security review, to be completed by the end of 2018. It will examine how fuel is supplied and used in Australia, and assess our capacity to withstand international disruption. The expectation is that once the review is completed, we will be in a position to comply with our IEA obligations by 2026. But that is eight years away. If there is disruption before that, our low stockpiles may rapidly diminish and the review will be too little, too late.

We’re busy spending billions upon billions buying sophisticated military equipment which will be totally useless without fuel. Not a cent being spent on keeping society from anarchy in case of a crisis. A crisis which is more likely to occur than not occur, sooner or later. And we may have the minimum amount stockpiled by 2026????

Here is an ABC report on the subject:

Here is a link to the NRMA Report: sub18_NRMA_attch1

Here is a link to the NRMA Report Part 2: NRMA Fuel-Security-Report-Pt2
Please note the date on the first report – February 2013. the date on the second report – February 2013. It’s now May 2018………….
Here are more some links to information on the subject: Although the threat of anarchy is not mentioned in the NRMA report, it is pretty obvious that that is the result within a short time of running out fuel. I don’t think I am being excessively pessimistic about this potential crisis.

What does this have to do with Permaculture?

A huge proportion of our food and essential medicines are supplied with liquid fuel powered vehicles. There is very little capacity for individuals and communities to feed themselves even for a short time. Therefore anything we can do to grow food and medicines close to home may end up literally saving us us from starvation and anarchy in the event of a fuel crisis. The value of promoting electric powered vehicles also becomes obvious. We are not dependent on overseas supplies of sunshine and wind (or even coal and gas if needs be).