Nina is our second speaker for the September 2019 Club Night.

Nina has had a rich and varied career spanning medical research, environmental research and presently, regenerative farming. At the farm, she manages the land alongside her partner Steve and together they raise beef cattle, a small flock of sheep and lambs, an orchard, market garden, native bees, chickens and one very large Maremma who looks after them all!

Nina has been involved with land regeneration for over 18yrs and has been working with plants and animals all her life, particularly soil. Her view is that the farm and its inhabitants are happy and healthy because the soil is the main focus of the operation and all actions that are undertaken on the farm are focussed on continuing to enliven and care for the health of the soil.

Her talk will touch on the health of soil using organic and biodynamic principles and progress to how this influences small-scale commercial culinary and medicinal herb growing. The use of animal manures, correct plant selection and lunar cycles for planting and harvesting. Nina will have a small selection of salves and tonics for sale that are made with medicinal herbs grown on the farm.