The redesigned/new website is now live and available for all to see:

We are busy adding content, but have some way to go yet.

Our website designer Konrad has done a great job of designing a clean, minimalist looking website which is responsive, but has a lot of powerful features hidden under the bonnet!

A quick overview of the site’s features:

The Header Menu
“About the Club” has been copied direct from the old website, but with updated text to show the new venue and times. A link for further info is provided at the foot of the page. A print/pdf/email facility is also provided at the foot of the page. This facility is provided at the foot of all pages.

“Become a Member “ has been copied direct from the old website (albeit with a more elegant layout and typeface), but with active links to the Membership Secretary.

“The Gallery” is a collection of photos and diagrams/posters. Just click on one to reveal an enlarged version with a facility to move forwards and backwards within the collection. Some captions have been added, but as yet they are not complete. We will improve the quality of the gallery over time.

“The Library” has been copied direct from the old website (albeit with a more elegant layout and typeface). The list needs updating as we have added to the library since the list was last updated.

“Contact” shows an elegant form for new members to fill out and an automatic email to [email protected].

‘f” is a link to the PN Facebook Page.

The Theme Photos
• There are three photos at present, in a slideshow format. They also incorporate a subtle zooming in and out. We will eventually add some good quality high resolution photos to add to these, but they are not available at present. Any suggestions are welcome.

The Second Menu
• Clicking on “Permaculture Noosa” from anywhere in the site takes you to the home page.

• Clicking on “Events”  takes you to an Events Calendar which displays upcoming events in different views – as a month, list or day. The calendar can be exported/linked to your own google calendar or iCal. It is intended in future to include other events of interest run by like minded organisations such as YCG, Nambour Plant Expo, Mary Valley Harvest, Country Noosa etc. Clicking on on an Event gives more detailed information including a link to Google Maps and an ability to export that particular event to your Google Calendar or iCal !

“Permablitz” contains a brief description with a small gallery of Permablitz photos, a Permablitz Calendar and a “Suggest a Permablitz” contact button.

“Seedsavers” contains some description of the concept and activities, with the ability to easily click on email links.

“Open Garden Tours” contains a brief description with a small gallery of Open Garden photos, a Open Garden Calendar and a “Suggest an Open Garden” contact button.

“Permanews” contains links to the bulk of useful educational information stored in the site and with links to other sites offering useful information. “Permanews” has now become an active online magazine rather than static pdf mailed out each month. Nevertheless it is still proposed to send out monthly info emails and messages with links to the relevant information such as meeting topics, president’s message etc. Users can search the site using several categories such as “How To’s”, Permaculture Projects, Education, In the Garden etc. In addition, these posts can be listed by the month they are posted. The value of this system includes an ability to search for any topic or word in the Permanews area. It is not possible to search within pdf files, so this is a big advantage over the static pdf system, though the new posts may not be as eye catching until we work out how to do that.

Old pdf archives going back 3 years can be downloaded for viewing and printing if required. It is planned to include more archives later.

Bottom of Page
This part includes a signup for info emails, to different categories of Events, to “Permaculture People” -weblinks to other permaculture people and organisations, as well as all the permanews categories.

Optimisation for different devices
The website has been optimised to dynamically change its format according to the size of the screen and type of device it is viewed with – thus it is viewed differently for desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Under the Bonnet
Konrad has installed “MailPoet”, which is a plug-in offering MailChimp-like features for us to send out elegant emails to different groups of people, all from within the website.

I love the new site, but please let me know if you have any concerns or suggestions.

Kind Regards

Bill Berry
Newsletter Editor,
Permaculture Noosa
phone: (07) 54745192
[email protected]