Aaron Mears from The Living Classroom, recently offered to provide us with a garden design for the Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens.  The Living Classroom is one of our Partners and Aaron is a PDC designer and educator.

As a preliminary, Aaron ran an afternoon workshop in September on the basics of design.  The aim of this workshop was also to get members of our wider community to tell us what they would like to see at the gardens.  The 10 or so people in attendance had various levels of permaculture and gardening knowledge and experience as well as some great ideas.  Aaron gave us the basics of contouring, water flow, wind direction and optimal orientation for sun and shade.  It was amazing to me, how much I learned and what I now understand about garden design.

Over the next few weeks, Aaron drew up a beautiful design for the garden, as above.  Please offer us comments and ideas as we imagine that the garden will evolve from this first design as nothing is set in concrete – apart from the proposed new shelter.

Aspects of the garden will remain the same, but others are quite different.  A large ‘growing area’ will be at the front of the garden and the shade house will move away from the back fence and be expanded. The road will become a one-way thoroughfare, with gates on either end (a council requirement).

If you have any resources or time that you can offer it will be greatly appreciated.  First-up is the pegging out of the new shelter,  paths, and shade house  (we have now sufficient wooden pegs, thanks to those who have donated them).  We will then begin contouring the front vegetable beds and the back swales.

In the past when people have come to volunteer at the garden, they have been frustrated by the lack of structure.  Rest assured that we now have a whiteboard on the inside door of the container which will list the jobs to do. We will also call for people for a specific Working Bee to move the shade house and a wish list of goods and services.

Things we need –


Hay and Lucerne Bales; compost & mulch for the new gardens

Bobcat & operator to remove the couch grass and to dig out the walking paths and swales slightly (we are situated on very rocky land with only a shallow covering of soil).

We look forward to seeing you in the gardens and developing our new design together.