From Vic, our President.
New caterer/s required for our monthly meetings…..
As most of us know, sadly our regular caterers, John and Evelyn have had to give up doing our club night meals due to John’s ill health.
They did a great job providing meals and we wish them all the best.
 With help, I have managed to provide a meal for the last two meetings but clearly it is too much for me to take on with my other roles and ambitions for the group so I am requesting that either one or a number of people, could take on the provision of supplying a simple mild vegan curry for our future meals.
Ingredients cost around the $50 mark from memory and with 10-20 people paying $8 for a meal, there is a small but reasonable return for the work involved.
I am happy to provide the recipe I have been using or even help out with the cooking the first time if required.
If we have more than one person show interest, I guess there are options of working it together, or one person taking it on for 3 months then swapping.
Anyhow, I will NOT be able to provide the meal myself from this meeting onwards so I hope someone comes forward. Would be a shame for that lovely social aspect of our meetings to not happen anymore.
Call if you’d like to discuss it. Ph 044 99 00 248.
Vic Bateman