Maria on the Meeting held on Sunday 11 March 2018:

Hi All

Thank you to those who came together to discuss Moringa and for all your contributions… knowledge, experiences, samples and food! What an inspiring afternoon!

Great to meet James and to see that Moringa tea and capsules are available at Pomona, Peregian markets and one in the Hinterland. (The Herbal Teacup) James left some tea and capsules for us to share and try. Please get in touch with me if you’d like some.

Thank you Reneé and Jim for the Moringa leaves and to those that forgot to take some 😉 Neil and I have used it for an experiment and have dehydrated it. The question was raised as to how many fresh leaves  would yield how many dried grams, teaspoons and capsules. The results are below. I’ll give some to James in exchange!

I am more inspired to come together to work on sharing resources to dry our own Moringa. It’s convenient to take as a powder or tea and great to have on hand when travelling. If you use it for cooking, it can be kept in the freezer. A communal drying and processing system, nutrient testing… etc. would be good in the future! For those who like researching… please do!

Thank you all who sloshed around our property and shared your suggestions. We will be planting out Moringa seedlings (grown since Sep 2018) in between the swales (3&4)… yes in between the nutgrass… with no cultivation! We’ll add compost in holes and put a fence around the area until plants are  strong enough to support wallaby grazing! Next trial will be planting thick stems/trunks as Reneé does… see 2nd video below.

There are a few video clips links below with reference to what we were talking about.

Thank you Serge for offering to have the next get together at your place in Chatsworth ( 10min North of Gympie). The date may be sometime in August/September if not sooner!?

If anyone has excess leaves, Scott and Helen Wassman in Caloundra are looking for some to ferment. Please find their contact details on the attached list.

Feel free to make any suggestions and comments about this group and any changes or improvements you see would benefit us and include others to join.

Please send emails for the group to Wendy Strathearn  [email protected] who kindly forwards them.

Healthy growing to all J

Best regards


PPS: Results of drying test:

1 fresh leaf (see attachment) = 1 teaspoon powder = 0.9g = 5 – 6 capsules (capsule content = 0.18g) NOTE: proprietary filled capsules are double the weight of the ones we filled. (They must compact the powder into the capsule somehow?)

Test was done with home scales and equip; use only as a rough guide!

(Used 18 leaves on stems 135g, without stem 67g, dried 16g, 18 teaspoons naturally level, 90 capsules )


Moringa manufacture (Cambodia) –  6:55min

This clip shoes an aerial view of the trees, how they harvest, dry and process making capsules. They wash the leaves and add a powder to the water. Not sure what this is. I’d hope it’s just salt to wash off any possible insects?

FASTEST METHOD OF GROWING MORINGA TREE.Miracle in growing Miracle tree – 11:22min

Home grower in India. Shows planting thick stem (like Reneé has done!)… trunk actually… planted deep with stones in hole to support and cow manure. Leaves grow within 2 weeks (before roots grow… (as some of us have experienced!) Stronger plant … less damage from grazing cattle (or wallabies!)

Moringa Documentary – the ‘miracle’ tree – 16:47min

Discovery channel doco – first one I ever watched. Grown in Honolulu. Harvesting, market display, benefits and uses discussed by locals and scientists.

Here is a clip that answers the question on eating Moringa pods!

Pick when you just see the beans swelling in the pod, peel, cook in soup or how you choose, when softens squeeze or suck out the soft part inside!

Moringa pods (drum sticks), when to harvest, how to prepare, how to eat.