Noosa Council has invited us to become one of four test sites in the shire for a new invention from an Australian start-up that promises to make composting easier and more successful.

The device consists of a probe, which sits in the compost and uses sensors to monitor its health. It computes the data and provides school students and community gardeners with instructions, via an app, on when to turn the compost, add water and more carbon, such as leaves and straw, and any other steps they should take, including advice to overcome pests and odours.

“The aim is to make the composting process faster and more successful,” Emma Menzies from Noosa Council said. “Organic waste produces methane gas as it decomposes in landfill, trapping 25 times more heat than carbon dioxide. By contrast, composting doesn’t produce methane gas and the finished product is great for use in gardens, so anything we can do to promote and encourage composting is worthwhile.”

Known as Monty, the device is the work of an Australian technology start-up – Monty Compost Co. Designer, Ashley Baxter, says it promises to turn anyone into an expert composter.

On Saturday 14 November Noosa Council will be hosting a workshop at CCPG on composting and the use of Monty. Presented by Ashley from Monty Compost Co, the workshop will give a hands-on demonstration on how to set up a compost bin, moisture, aeration, different methods of composting—bokashi, tumblers, problems like odours, cockroaches, ants, moisture, maggots and soldier flies. Ashley will give out a recipe and notes, with time for a Q+A at the end. And our volunteers will talk about our experiences using Monty at the gardens.

The workshop will be held from 1.30 to 3.00 pm on 14 November at a cost of $10 per head. Bookings through Noosa Council or contact [email protected] for more information. Numbers will be limited to keep Covid-safe.