Autumn is here! and with the change of season comes the delightful task of planning for the growing season.

On the last Sunday of the month, the 27th of March, from 8:30am – 11:30am we will be having our monthly “Garden Masterclass” at the Cooroy Community Gardens – 26 Emerald St, Cooroy

The theme this month is ‘Raised Garden Beds’ ~ we will be showcasing how to build and set up raised garden beds, planting from seed and with seedlings, sharing info on how to raise seedlings, companion planting, using nutrient boosters like comfrey and compost, growing vertically and selecting appropriate seasonal choices for planting!

This workshop is a hands-on experience, where we all get to learn, grow, share and build knowledge together. If you’re keen to learn how to set up your own raised garden bed at home and would love to see how we do it using permaculture principles, please join us for an informative session in the community gardens!

There will be seeds for sale and a shared morning tea, with plenty of knowledge and inspiration buzzing in the air! And of course, the morning event is a fantastic opportunity to meet likeminded people and make those precious connections that are grounded in the art of living with, and for, nature.

Hope to see you in the garden!
Matt & Katie

CCG Co-ordinators

[email protected]