Hi All
Grizz and I dog-mind Lou when his folks are away. He’s a REALLY LOVELY BOY!!! Super laid back and VERY loving.
If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting him to give Lou his new ‘forever loving family’ please let me know. I also have more beaut photos of him, if you’d like me to send them.
A note from Lou-the-Lovely …..
Hello, I am Louie, a beautiful brindle 7 year old English Staffy. I was an animal rescue dog from Sippy Downs until my beautiful family rescued me some years ago. I am placid, loyal, full of love and very well trained. My family is moving to Canada in late 2019.This news is sad but I cannot imagine how long and horrible the flight would be, I think Canada would be very cold for me! So I am hoping to find a new home where I can continue to feel loved and cared for. I’m a Queenslander thru and thru, give me the beach! 🐶 I absolutely love the beach/water, swimming in the shallows and chasing balls. I like two walks and two feeds per day, I’m very loving, I’m not a fighter, I mind my own business and focus on my family only.  I really don’t like storms or fireworks, they freak me out!! I need a good fence so I don’t dig and run from a storm. In normal weather I’m not a digger or chewer. I just chill around the place or lay on my bed. I love my family and I know they love me, so we are all on the look out for true dog lovers who will recognise how good a companion I am and will love and spoil me as my current family do.
I need a home where somebody is usually home, I would not cope with everyone leaving in the morning and not returning until the afternoon. I definitely need to know my family is around during the day.
Thanks for considering me.
Love in pawfection

If you’re interested let Dee know and she’ll put you in touch with his owners for a ‘meet up’ with his royal highness ‘Louie-da-love-chops’.

[email protected]   or  0497754486