Dear Members
I am hoping that there is someone who can, or perhaps someone you know who is qualified to undertake the financial audit of the Permaculture Noosa Financial records for the year end 2016-2017. The auditor we have used previously is not available to us again. I am also hoping that we might get lucky and have it done for perhaps mates rates or even pro-bono. Paying out $600 for an audit or perhaps more as rates keep rising, just doesn’t make sense to me especially as we are now the custodians of the Cooroy Community Garden and I envisage financial outlays in the coming months as we get it off the ground, so to speak. Hopefully, as we have the CCG in full swing we will be able to hold functions in the grounds as fund raisers, however, until that happens, I think we should proceed with financial caution.
I have attached a small pdf on the last 2 years End of Year Financials so that you can see how close we are with our income and expenses for the year. As you will see that the Sandhurst Account this end of year balance is lower than the 2015-16 EOY balance due to my having to on 2 occasions supplement the Statement Acc (working account) in order to pay invoices and reimbursement etc. due to not enough funds in the working account at that time.The Sandhurst Account is interest bearing only and is the account set up for large unforeseen expenditure. Basically, it is our soft place to fall should we need it.
If you can help please give me a call so that we can discuss what the audit requirements.
Thank you for your time.
Wendy Strathearn