When my dream turns into a learning experience for 14 adult students and their teacher amazing things happen. Steph bought her keen students into our Permaculture garden in Cooroy to help turn a Forest of nature into a Food Forest to create abundant production, and to give to the local community a place to learn and practise the art of growing food.

In one day we transformed a space that sometimes would take a month or two. The students where amazing and my heart just sang loudly after they completed the task. Many thanks to Gelignite Jacks for cardboard used, Little Cove coffee shop Noosa for coffee grounds, The Boathouse Noosa for a free seed bank appearing in the buckets of kitchen waste, E.T.S vegetation management, for amazing aged woodchips. Cooroy Landscape Supplies for soil and  most importantly Horticultural Training Services  who gave us Steph who bought her students as a group of energetic pupils.

Thank you to all those businesses that made the materials available and the students able to help build a garden for all to be inspired.

Val Wilson

Living Bee C0ordinator.