A productive morning was spent at Denni Thompson’s home in Tewantin on Wed 25thApril to help tend to her garden after a fall a few weeks ago. After a quick call out for help at the last Permaculture meeting, 13 Permaculture members attended.
As we all have felt at sometime the mental hopelessness because the body doesn’t want to work as fast as the brain, Denni was overwhelmed with the appearance of positively focused helpers. We performed a few tasks to help with completing jobs that would have taken Denni many weeks to accomplish on her own.
All of us are Amazed at the importance of Denni’s mature fruit trees. She is able to grow her own fruit. I didn’t know that Geoff Lawton, while being an active Permaculture Noosa member back in the early days of the group, designed her garden. Then all the members of PN planted fruit trees etc on Denni’s block. It isn’t often that we get to see very rare fruits that are mature producers in members yards. I was lucky enough to taste the fruit of a Ceylon Hill gooseberry.
Denni has very happy worms now too as President- Permaculture Noosa Vic Bateman refurbished the worm bath by adding a new waterproof cover. Other jobs completed where pathways cleared for easy access and the front of the house was tidied to enhance the beauty of her asset.
A beautiful crop of turmeric was harvested also and this Denni is looking to market if anyone has a genuinely interested buyer.
I wish to sincerely thank all those who came along to support Denni in her time of need. We wish her a speedy recovery and give her a heap of good energy to continue her love of all things important in her life. Assets like her fruit orchard is awesome and we all need to be connected to at some point.
Thank you also to Maria Page for the pictures taken on the day.
Permaculture principles are alive and living.
Care of the Earth, Care of People, Share resources.

Thank you
Val Wilson.