This youtube video was kindly sourced by Wendy Strathearn, who said:

“Hi Everyone
I have included Mary Valley Permaculture in this email. I sent out this link a couple of times now, and at out meeting last night Neil was telling us about how he is using this method for creating native micro-organisms. This method for improving soil is amazing.
Thank you Neil

How to capture, cultivate, preserve, and use Indigenous Microorganisms – IMO – using the techniques of Korean Natural Farming. Using materials readily at home or off of the grocery store shelf I will demonstrate step by step the process. Indigenous Microorganism are collected and used to re-populate the soil’s micro-sphere and the plant’s surfaces – bringing them back into balance. This balance serves as the foundation for a healthy soil biology, productive nutrient recycling, and optimized plant growth/production. IMO are naturally occurring, indigenous, non-GMO, organic microbes from bacterial and fungal sources that have uniquely evolved to thrive in your particular area. They can be cultivated to even support specific plants and crops. Through “Bio-Mimickery” you can use IMO to work with nature and achieve results in the garden and its soil in days/weeks/months that would take years/decades – even centuries – otherwise.

There are several sources that describe in writing and pictures how to do the process; however, I have not found one video that shows step by step the “How and Why” of making your own Indigenous Microbes. Thanks to the teachers whom I have never met (Master Cho – Cho Global Natural Farming, Mr Gil Carandang of Herbana Farms – Philippines, Mrs. Kim C.S. Chang and Dr Hoon Park, MD -retired – Hawaii). Their writings have allowed me to learn, use, and now show you all the technique. I hope you enjoy!”

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