Kelvin & Amelia Nielsen – Cooloola Nature

Kelvin was a founding member of the Gympie & District Field Naturalist Club in 1968. He assisted in the compilation of the original Australian Bird Atlas & later updates, and compiled the original Gympie City Bird List in association with Gympie & District Field Naturalists.

With his wife Amelia, Kelvin formed COOLOOLA NATURE in 1999 from a lifelong interest in Nature and the Environment, and a desire to use their experience gained with the collation of data for various organisations and private landowners in undertaking Environmental Education activities for youth and the general public.

With their Website, “Birding Cooloola Mountains to Shore”, and on-going “Bird Trails of Cooloola” Project, they are now dedicated to the promotion of Avi-tourism as a sustainable sector of Eco-tourism.

 “COOLOOLA NATURE” activities –

  • Fauna Surveys for –
  • Nature Search
  • DNR
  • Forestry
  • National Parks
  • Landcare
  • Cooloola Coastcare
  • Rural Landowners

Environmental Education –

  • Nature Talk Series on a local Radio Station
  • Environment Festivals
  • Rural Shows
  • Libraries
  • Landcare Field Days
  • Have established Butterfly Houses and Gardens & Curriculum based Environmental Education Programmes for Primary Schools

Monitoring –

  • Migratory Shorebirds
  • Migratory Terns
  • Flying Foxes

Projects –

  • Established the original Tin Can Bay Foreshore Birdwalk, associated Website & Wildflower Walk in Association with Cooloola Coastcare, along with recent upgrades of the “Birdwalk” feature in association with the Gympie Regional Council
  • Promotion of Avi-tourism as a sustainable sector of Eco-tourism through our Website, “Birding Cooloola Mountains to Shore”, on-going “Bird Trails of Cooloola Project, and Seasonal Excursions along the “Bird Trails of Cooloola”

Painted Lady Butterfly photo: Amelia Neilsen

Meadow Argus Butterfly photo: Amelia Neilsen

Monarch Butterfly photo: Amelia Neilsen

Caper White Male Butterfly photo: Amelia Neilson


Creating a butterfly house in your garden.

Cooloola Nature butterfly foodplants.

A butterfly plant selection.