The Introduction to Permaculture is a 12-hour course which introduces the Ethics and Principles of Permaculture. It will give you an initial understanding and overview of Permaculture and what Permaculture is about and will give you an idea whether you would like to continue studying permaculture by doing the Permaculture Design Certificate course.

20th and 21st November 9am to 5pm

Bookings are essential, please book here:

The Introduction to Permaculture is taught over 2 consecutive weekend days. Please bring lunch and snacks. Tea, coffee, and hot water is supplied.

The course is taught by Tom Kendall at the Kendall Permaculture Farm, 93 Golden Gully Road in Kin Kin. Tom Kendall is a permaculture farmer with over 40 years farming experience. He is co-founder of PermEco Inc. and PRI Luganville, Vanuatu and teaches Permaculture courses on his Permaculture Demonstration Site at the Kendall Permaculture Farm. Tom has co-taught PDC courses with Geoff Lawton and has taught Permaculture courses in Australia and overseas. He has been a Permaculture Research Institute accredited teacher for 5 years and part of our environmental advisory team and Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Consultants team, doing regular consultations for local and international landowners and NGOs.

This course is offered by donation (pay what you can). We function solely by donation, and we can only continue to do so if everyone who can contribute does. For an indication as to the value of this course, most Introduction to Permaculture courses cost between $150 and $300+ p.p. If you are in a position to pay it forward, please do. By paying more, you will be assisting us to educate those in less fortunate situations, as we sponsor people in poorer countries so that they can spread this knowledge within their communities. We understand that in these challenging times a lot of people may be unable to pay it forward, and we are grateful for whatever support you are able to give us.